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Dr. John Walsh

Local Representative Castleknock

Working with Joan Burton, T.D. and Cllr Mary McCamley

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About John

Born and raised in Glenville, I currently live in Ashleigh. I was educated in St. Francis Xavier’s National School, before attending Belvedere College. I am a graduate of Irish History and Education from Trinity College Dublin and hold a doctorate in education policy.


I am a lecturer and researcher in Education in Trinity College, working with primary and secondary teachers. Among other projects, I am the author of a successful biography of Dr Patrick Hillery, former President of Ireland.


I am passionate about education and its power to transform people’s lives. I am deeply involved in education both through my job and as a member of the board of management of local primary and secondary schools. I have had the privilege to serve as chairperson of the board of Castleknock Community College for the last four years and have a strong commitment to supporting local schools and teachers who are working to implement new initiatives on child protection and curriculum change at junior cycle level.


As vice-chair of the Education and Training Board (previously the VEC) I have worked to keep up investment in our local schools and to make the case for extending apprenticeship and PLC courses.


I believe in supporting the work of volunteers and community groups and am active in a number of local voluntary organisations, including my local community centre in Laurel Lodge. As a researcher I have advised on and developed successful applications for project funding to support local community initiatives from the Department of Social Protection and Pobal.

The Council works best in partnership with strong communities. I believe in working with local communities, sports clubs and residents’ associations to find constructive solutions to local problems


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School Investment

Keeping up investment in schools to ensure a primary and post-primary school place for every child, while respecting diversity of choice for parents. I am lobbying for a new permanent building for the Edmund Rice Trust school, currently in temporary accommodation in the Institute of Horology. This school is urgently needed at a time when the population of our area is again rapidly increasing.


Public Transport

Campaign for an upgrading of public transport across Dublin 15, especially the introduction of a DART service on the Maynooth line and in the short-term addition of more carriages to trains at peak times to relieve overcrowding.


Further Education

Develop more opportunities for training through further education and PLCs for school leavers and to allow people to upskill and re-enter the labour market. Post Leaving Certificate courses are badly underdeveloped in Dublin 15. The new PLC courses in Blakestown and Riversdale are the first of their kind in Dublin 15 and should also be a first step towards a more ambitious venture – a new further education college in Blanchardstown - to offer decent training opportunities to young people and give a second chance to those who left school early.



Provide more social and affordable housing and ensure that planning is led by community needs.



Develop the full range of vital services at Connolly Hospital.



Ensure that local amenities such as parks, green areas and playgrounds are provided at the same time as new housing and protect the Liffey Valley Special Amenity Area.

My Priorities